Choosing The Right Hotel

When people pick out a hotel, they don’t think much past price.  But the reality is that you should consider more than just a cheap price in your hotel selection – and you could end up saving more money in the end.  Whether it be proximity, closeness to your venues, or simply the comfort of your “home away from home,” there are a bunch of factors that you should think about before you make your reservation, and here’s a quick rundown of what you should take into consideration.

Proximity to your venues of choice–whether it be a conference center or building where meetings will take place–consider the time and cost of getting to and fro if you’re planning on staying in a cheaper hotel that is further away.  What you save in room price could end up being a cost in terms of Taxis or even just time getting there.  And time is money as we all know.  Getting a closer hotel could save you on stress as well, since you’re right there and you have less to worry about.

Distance in relation to restaurants and other necessities is another consideration, for the same reasons as listed above.  One time I stayed in an airport hotel that was in the absolute middle of nowhere, and without a rental car I was stranded without an expensive cab ride.  If I had stayed a bit closer to some civilization I could have saved more money in the end (and some frustration).

Another factor is comfort – I suggest you take a quick look at various ratings sites, such as in order to see what others had to say about the hotel itself.  Disregard comments from obviously annoyed people with a chip on their shoulder – as in, take all reviews with a grain of salt.  But do consider if there are multiple people saying bad things – whether it be about the hotel itself, or simply the neighborhood in which the hotel is located.